Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Homeopathic Medicine

I returned to work on Monday after being on disability for the past 6 weeks because I broke both of my elbows.  I had a lot of anxiety about coming back to work and everything I had to catch up on and a lot of changes were going on in my office too.

I was at Wegmans, the best grocery store by my house and I was looking in their organic section for something that would calm me down and stop me from worrying and stressing.

A couple of weeks before I came across a homeopathic brand called Boiron, and bought some pills that were labeled as helping with bone trauma.  I do think they helped heal my elbows so I went straight to that brand to look for medicine to help with my anixety.

Sure enough they had medicine labeled to help with "nervousness due to everyday stress."  The ingredient in it is ignatia amara.  I took the medicine and it immediatly calm me down and got my mind off of my stresses so I could relax the night before I had to go back.  The next morning I also took some right before I go to work - it calmed me right down.  My heart wasn't racing and I didn't feel as nervous and anxious as I had before.

It comes in a little blue tube and it has a very cool way of twisting it so you only get out the amount of pills you need.  This is the product that I took for my stress:


I gave it to a co-worker who was having a bad day and super stressed - she said that she calmed right down and it really made her day a whole lot better.

I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a natural way to help deal with their stress.

Of course these two little ones help calm me down too!

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