Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mums and Pumpkins...Fall is coming!

I have to say that I LOVE fall.  I am lucky enough to live in the Buffalo, New York area and we get to experience all four seasons.  Pumpkins, gourds, mums, leaves changing colors, apple picking, bon fires and the start of the cold weather are all things I look forward to.

Over the weekend I picked up some mums from the store to spruce up the outside of my house.  We have had a very hot and dry summer and with that mostly all of my summer flowers have died.  :(

Here are a couple of pictures of the flowers I just got!

Yikes I need to trim my front bushes and weed!  The tiny mums are in a window box on my garage - hopefully they will get a bit bigger!

I am also growing my pumpkins in my garden...this is one that climbed all over the place and decided to grow with the tomatoes!
Look at the little baby pumpkin starting to grow!!
Here is a picture of my raised garden beds...the one on the left had summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers and lettuce in it but it has seen better days...the acorn squash and butternut is doing ok.  The bed on the right has a bunch of different kinds of tomatoes and peppers..my tomatoes are out of control this year!

My sunflowers did well!

Here is what I picked yesterday from the garden...
I have an excellent recipe that I am cooking tonight to help use up the delicious tomatoes from the garden.  I will post the recipe and pictures later!

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